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8 years and still kicking cancer’s A**!

We have been wanting to start blogging about holistic tips and tricks and today seemed like an appropriate day to start.
Because today, 8 years ago, I was told news that no person ever wants to ever hear.   I received a call telling me that I have breast cancer.   When I got home from work that night, my amazing rock Bill and I decided to take a holistic approach and never-ever looked back.    We did not do the suggested double mastectomy, chemotherapy, radiation, or hormone suppression ‘therapy’.   We traded oncologists and radiologists for acupuncturists, chiropractors, reiki practitioners, transcendental meditation instructors, massage therapists, gurus, vitamins, minerals, herbs, books, research, and a plant based alkaline diet.  And guess what?   We WON!   AND I was not sick one single day during my fight.   Did not lose one single hair on my head.
I say ‘We’ because this was a team effort from minute one.  And having someone by your side to support your every step is absolutely paramount.   I cannot stress this enough.   I am beyond blessed to have such a support in my life, this I know.
Keep in mind that it isn’t easy for your loving partner/family/friends.  They are just as scared as you are.   But you must turn that fear into a will to survive and work together as a cancer ass kicking unit.  Let it fuel you not destroy you.  Which brings me to another absolute must.   You   M U S T   believe that the approach you are taking to eliminate your cancer will work.   With all of your heart and soul.  Whatever your approach may be.   Be it natural or not.  Your mind is your most powerful tool.   Lots of positive affirmations and visualization of health and well-being are major keys to success.
Over the last 8 years we have had many people come to us for advice and direction.  Our answers are never simple.   There is no easy pill you can take to have holistic and long lasting, positive result with cancer.   I compare a natural approach to cancer to an onion.   There are so many layers to peel back.  I say over and over that it must be a MIND/BODY/SOUL focus.  I read once in a book that ‘There is nothing more delectable to Breast cancer than a woman who has just been brought to her knees by pain and agony.’   I believe this to be true and experienced this myself.  I was diagnosed 3 months after my mother died suddenly at age 55.   I internalized my pain to remain strong and stoic never truly dealing with it.   So, there is often an emotional catalyst, conscious or subconscious.   Meaning; stress, physical or emotional, is a huge player.   One tiny moment of stress, you know, those times you are so frustrated that you want to explode?…  Well, the way your body responds to that one moment of stress can be compared to dumping 2 cups of sugar down your throat.  Adrenal nightmare!  This is where meditation comes in.   Which is another topic for another time.   But in the meantime, try it out.   If you are new to this try sitting in a dark room, relax and focus on your breath.   When your mind wanders, it’s ok, just simply go back to focusing on your breath.   Just breathe.
Another layer to that onion is what you put ON or near your body.   Even ‘natural’ products have ingredients that are known carcinogens or inorganic substances.  Especially hair care, but that is a whole other topic!  Turn those products over and look at the ingredients.   If you cannot pronounce it or don’t know what it is, figure it out.   Google it.   Research EVERYTHING.   Because, those nasty chemicals only take seconds to get into your blood stream.   AND not to mention your lymphatic system, which is an integral part of your immune system.   Yet another topic, for another time.  (I promise)  But, know that those chemicals applied to your body are not going to help you fight cancer.   Not to mention your household cleaners, dish and body soap, air freshening methods, detergent, water supply, etc.   You have to step back and look at all of it.   The total picture.
This is why Bespoke Apothecary was born.   We wanted to try and offer products that are truly all natural.  That won’t harm you but in fact help you thrive!
Thank you to all who have supported us through this journey.   We know we couldn’t have come this far without you and are grateful beyond measure.  This is only the beginning and more to come!
Much love and light,
April (and Bill)